93-02 Fbody J&M Products 2pt Strut Tower Brace


Model Number: 25301
J&M Products

Movement of your strut towers will cause vibrations, metal fatigue, and unpredictable alignment and handling. J&M Products strut tower braces will keep the strut towers from moving and flexing by providing support between the two towers and firewall (on 3 point models), maintaining a more controlled alignment during cornering, braking, and hard acceleration. Benefits you will notice are quicker turn-in, reduced interior vibrations, quiter more comfortable ride, and more stable and predictable driving car.

  • Strengthens the strut towers and engine bay.
  • Noticible difference in stability under braking, cornering, and acceleration.
  • Increases responsiveness and control.
  • Easy bolt on installation.
  • Powdercoated red for a long lasting durable great looking finish



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