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93-02 Fbody Camaro/Firebird Auto Trix Passenger Window Express Down Kit


Model Number: autotrixexpkitpas
Auto Trix

This kit combines the legendary AutoTrix Window Fix kit with an advanced AutoTrix designed express down module.

Not only do you get optimum motor life and performace you add One Touch Roll Down just like the driver side.

Factory wiring sends low voltage to your passenger window motor, especially when both windows are operated simultaneously.

The low voltage causes your motor brushes to wear prematurely which creates more resistance. This causes the motors internal breaker to trip before it gets the window rolled up.

The AutoTrix Passenger Side Window Express Down Kit gives you everything you need to route power directly from the battery to the window motor while also adding one-touch express down. The kit also comes with easy to read instructions which include before and after pictures of every step in the install process.

Weight 1 oz


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