93-02 Fbody Billet Specialities Street Lite Polished Wheels – 15″ x 10″


Model Number: RS035106165N
Billet Specialities

If you have a shift light, 5-point restraint, or ET slips in the glove box, then these Billet Specialties Street Lite wheels are for you. Designed for the street or the strip, they provide an outstanding strength-to-weight ratio to handle all types of ground-pounding horsepower. In fact, the 15 in. wheels feature an SFI 15.1 approval rating for most sanctioning race organizations. Street Lite wheels also feature 2-piece construction built from a rotary-forged center and spun aluminum rim (welded together a full 360 degrees). Billet Specialties Street Lite wheels give you an aggressive look that’s perfect for intimidating your competition.


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