93-02 F-Body Baer Claw Pro-Plus Disc Brake Kit


Model Number: 4301332R
Baer Brake Systems

These Baer Brakes Baer Claw Pro-Plus disc brake kits are built to please the most demanding users. They include Baer 6P compact 6-piston calipers machined from 2618 forgings, resulting in the stiffest possible design, even at extreme operating temperatures. They use radial mounting configurations to disperse loads evenly and internal fluid transfer tube passages for an ultra-clean look. The Baer Brakes Baer Claw Pro-Plus disc brake kits include brake rotors with zinc coated surfaces and a matched set of brake pads. The unique 2-piece rotors use an aluminum hat to reduce overall weight, allow for differential expansion of the rotor plates, and lower thermal transfer to the hub.


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