82-92 Fbody 5.0L V8 Hays Street 450 Clutch Kit


Model Number: 91-1001

The Street 450 single disc kit is an excellent upgrade from your stock clutch and designed handle mildly modified engines up to 450 horsepower. It is a great clutch where drivability is the most important factor. Our clutch features 30% greater clamping force than a stock clutch allowing you to put more power to the ground and top quality disc material allows for smooth, no-chatter engagement. Each kit includes pressure plate, clutch disc, throwout bearing, alignment tool, and instructions.


Great drivability for power levels up to 450 horsepower

Smooth, chatter-free operation using top quality organic composite friction surface material

Upgraded damper springs gives up to 30% more clamping pressure than stock OE clutch

Clutch disc features heavy-duty hub spring assembly for increased load capacity

All Street 450 clutch kits come complete with pressure plate, disc, release bearing, and alignment tool unless otherwise noted


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