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82-92 5.0L Ram Powergrip Performance Clutch Set

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Model Number: 98730
RAM Clutches

Ram Powergrip clutches feature a 2800 lbs clamp load. The Powergrip clutches come with the 900/300 series steel back clutch disc. Use this clutch with stock resurfaced flywheels, and also the stock release mechanisms. Works best with cars with agressive power enhancements up to 500 HP such as heads, cam, or supercharger.

*RAM does not recommend using a stock flywheel for any higher horsepower street or racing applications. Please use a billet steel or aluminum flywheel for your own safety. Sintered materials will wear stock flywheels quicker.

**RAM units are set up to work with factory hydraulics utilized from 2001 on. Some cases, such as extreme flywheel wear or resurfacing, will require the RAM adjustable master cylinder for proper release and engagement.

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