82-92 5.0/5.7L AFR 220cc Racing Heads


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Air Flow Research

The powerful AFR 220cc intake port small block Chevy angle plug cylinder heads are available in three stages of performance. The Race Ready version features 70% CNC ported intakes while the higher flowing Competition version features 100% CNC ported intakes. Both come with 100% CNC ported 76cc combustion chambers and 80cc exhaust ports with a 3/4? thick head deck (ideal for nitrous or blower applications). In addition we also offer the ?as cast? Stage 1 heads for 220cc performance on a budget. Standard valves are 2.080 intake and 1.600 exhaust with AFR?s hardened ductile iron interlocking valve seats. The exceptional flow characteristics, 23? valve angle, and standard valve spacing make this the perfect head for 350 to 434 cid engines in drag cars, sprint cars, and late model oval trackers operating between 4500 and 8500 rpm. The 220cc heads are available in either standard or spread port exhaust. Straight plug versions and down nozzle provisions are special order only. AFR offset stud girdles are the only special parts required. Some applications require shaft mount rockers for durability and reliability of valve train components. Not recommended for street use, unless shaft mount rocker is used.

Note: Heads are sold as a set. Available with parts ready to install. Please choose in the drop-down menu below. Not for sale or use on pollution controlled vehicles in the U.S.

Basic Package Components

100% CNC Ported Combustion Chambers

100% CNC Ported Exhaust Ports

70% to 100% CNC Ported Intake Ports

Competition 3-angle Valve Job

Intake Valve, 2.080″ x .050″ long, AFR #7018

Exhaust Valve, 1.600″ x .050″ long, AFR #7057

1.550″ OD Roller Valve Spring, 220 lbs. on seat, .670″ maximum lift, AFR #8000

10? 4140 Chrome Moly Retainers, AFR #8510

10? Valve Locks, AFR #9005

7/16″ Rocker Studs, AFR #6405

5/16″ Guide Plates, AFR #6105

Valve Seals, AFR #6611

Hardened Shims, AFR #8045

Intake Valve Seats, AFR #9060

Exhaust Valve Seats, AFR #9070

Bronze Valve Guides, AFR #9050

Special orders available on request.

All Accessory Holes are Predrilled & Tapped!

Specifications, Features, and Supporting Components

Head Torque 65-70 Ft. Lbs.

Rocker Stud Torque 55-60 Ft. Lbs.

Intake Port Gasket, 1.310? x 2.180? w/ 3/8″ radius, AFR #6820

Important: Do not port match your intake manifold to this Fel-Pro gasket, as they do not exactly fit AFR heads.

Exhaust Port Gasket Fel Pro #1406, AFR #6835

Head Gasket 350cid Fel Pro #1003, AFR #6800

400cid Fel Pro #1014, AFR #6802

Head Bolts & Studs Standard ARP, AFR #6310 & #6305

Head Bolt Washers Manley, AFR #6320

Stud Girdle AFR #6206

Suggested Manifold Victor Jr or Super Victor, AFR #5005 & #5003

Spark Plug Starting Range Autolite 3910

Combustion Chambers 76cc

Spring Pocket can be cut to 1.750, no deeper.

Valve Spacing Standard

Rocker Arms Standard

Valve Angle 23?

Angle Mill (milling available) .008? per cc

Flat Mill (milling available) .006? per cc

Pushrods 5/16? Hardened, AFR #6601 thru #6604

Please choose your selection in the drop-down menu below:

Race Ready CNC Strip Porting:

Runner Volume Chamber Size Part # Plug Type Exhaust Type
220cc 76cc 1060 Angle Standard
220cc 76cc 1065 Angle Spread Port
220cc 58-76cc 1066** LT4 Standard/Reverse Cooled
220cc 66cc 1061 Angle Standard

**Must Specify intake bolt pattern and chamber size (58-76cc). Call for info and pricing.

Competition CNC Strip Porting:

Runner Volume Chamber Size Part # Plug Type Exhaust Type
220cc 76cc 1110 Angle Standard
220cc 76cc 1115 Angle Spread Port
220cc 58-76cc 1127** LT4 Standard/Reverse Cooled
220cc 66cc 1116 Angle Standard

**Must Specify intake bolt pattern and chamber size (58-76cc). Call for info and pricing.

Weight 1 oz

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