82-02 Fbody Spohn Performance Tubular Front Lower A-Arms with Del-Sphere Pivot Joints


Model Number: 745
Spohn Performance

Spohn Performance’s front lower a-arms set a new, higher standard of performance and quality. When they designed the a-arms, they had two goals in mind. One was to provide the performance capabilities needed for the toughest race tracks, the second was to provide the strength and durability required for the demands of a daily driven vehicle. Proud to say that they have accomplished both. If you are looking for the “cheapest” a-arms, Spohn doen’t have them. If you are looking for the best front suspension components for the third generation F-Body, you just found them.

Spohn front lower a-arms are a true “A” arm rather than a “V” arm. This provides maximum rigidity and equalizes forces delivered in to the k-member. Spohn front lower a-arms are gusseted in critical areas to ensure that a weld never breaks. They decrease overall weight, and more importantly – “unsprung” weight.

Build Specifications:

  • 1.25″ x .120″ wall DOM tubing
  • Ball joint cups are CNC machined from 2.75″ o.d. x .375″ wall seamless mechanical tubing
  • Spohn precision greasable ball joints (installed)
  • 3/4″ Del-Sphere Pivot Joints
  • Del-Sphere pivot joints allow additional alignment adjustability – Ship jig set at OEM length
  • TIG welded 4130N chrome moly threaded tube adapters
  • CNC machined through sleeve and zinc coated steel spacers keep the Del-Sphere pivot joints perfectly centered inside of the k-member mounting brackets
  • CNC laser cut and formed 3/16″ steel shock mounts
  • Formed .125″ sway bar end link mounts
  • Durable and brilliant powder coated finish in your choice of the above colors
  • Grade 8 shock mounting hardware included
  • Fully assembled and ready to install
  • STRONGER, yet LIGHTER than stock!

4130N Upgrade: The ultimate in bullet-proof lightweight strength, 100% TIG welded 4130N chrome moly construction! Same as above, but constructed entirely from 1.25″ x .095″ 4130N chrome moly tubing.

Del-Sphere Pivot Joints:

The Spohn Performance Del-Sphere pivot joint solves the shortcomings of the factory rubber and aftermarket polyurethane bushings. Del-Sphere pivot joint incorporates a spherical ball which is surrounded by delrin bushing cups.

Think of the Del-Sphere pivot joint as a Delrin bushed spherical rod end. After over a year of R&D testing here at Spohn Performance on a streetable spherical joint the Del-Sphere pivot joint is the final result. Designed and manufactured exclusively by Spohn Performance, they have taken street suspension performance to the next level. Del-Sphere pivot joint features a one piece forged and heat treated chrome moly housing, a heat treated and chrome plated chrome moly spherical ball, Delrin bushing cups, heat treated retainer washer and snap ring, heat treated and chrome plated chrome moly threaded adjuster ring, an external grease fitting and a beautiful silver zinc plated housing finish. The delrin bushing cups absorb shock and road noise so you get the quiet and smooth ride of a bushing as well as 28 degrees of rotation! Del-Sphere pivot joints will always ship to you fully assembled, however, they also offer an optional adjusting tool that will allow you to do two things. First, you can disassemble the Del-Sphere pivot joint for cleaning, inspection, etc. Second, you can adjust the amount of friction on the spherical ball. Do you want a very low friction pivot joint or a very tight pivot joint? It’s up to you, the amount of tension can be easily adjusted by using the optional adjustment tool to tighten or loosen the end retainer ring. What that also means is if over time and miles the tolerances open up you can simply re-adjust the retainer ring and have your pivot joint as tight as it was the day it was brand new. Doubt you’ll ever need to replace the Delrin bushing cups, but they certainly can be. Unlike a spherical rod end, the Del-Sphere pivot joint is 100% rebuildable.

What is Delrin, and why did you choose to use it? Delrin is an acetal homopolymer made by DuPont. It is characterized as having an excellent combination of physical properties that make it suitable for numerous applications. With extremely low moisture absorption and a low coefficient of friction (self-lubricating), Delrin is uniquely tailored for wear applications in high humidity or moisture environments. Delrin will maintain constant physical properties under high moisture conditions and out-perform nylon or polyurethane under these conditions. Delrin has a 10,000 psi tensile strength and a 120 Rockwell Hardness rating making it ideal for our Del-Sphere application.

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Del-Sphere Adjustment Tool



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