82-02 Fbody J&M Products Height Adjustable Panhard Rod Relcoation Kit


Model Number: 20246
J&M Products

J&M Products designed this 3rd and 4th Generation F-body adjustable competition leveling and lowering panhard bar kit. The kit’s designed to increase exhaust clearance while lowering and leveling the panhard bar for greater performance. This proven competition setup includes an adjustable brace to prevent deflection and lateral movement of the driver’s side bracket system. Precision CNC laser cut and formed brackets with adjusting slots which allows you to lower your roll center by lowering and leveling the panhard bar giving you greatest in performance tuning. Lowering the roll center with this kit gives you better cornering, better overall stability, and corner exit traction. In almost every case with how long the panhard rod is it will give you better performance compared to the more expensive watts link systems with a lower cost, better adjustability, and easier installation. 100% designed and manufactured by J&M Products with pride in the USA.


Works with stock and most aftermarket sway bars.

Factory axle tube size only.

Infinitely adjustable roll center height from 1.75” and 4.00” lower.

100% bolt-in for street use. Competition use requires welding.

Panhard bar upper brace is built using 1.25″ USA DOM tubing.

CNC Laser cut and formed brackets.

Adjustable panhard bar height to allow for perfect leveling and roll center changes.

Powder coated in either red or black.

Allows for fine tuning roll center while at the track.

Watts linkage and factory located panhard rods are typically to high for performance use.

Lowering the (roll center) panhard bar reduces mid-corner oversteer.

Raising the (roll center) panhard bar increases mid-corner oversteer.




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