82-02 Fbody J&M Products Aluminum On Car Adjustable Panhard Rod – Race Performance Rod/Rod Ends


Model Number: 23750
J&M Products

J&M Products has designed a panhard rod system which allows you to order an adjustable panhard rod any way you want it. What we have done is to create a threaded Chrome-Moly Forged steel body end which uses polyurethane bushings and is a direct replacement for a 3/4″ rod end. The best thing about these ends is they are forged using over 90 tons of force using 4340 super high strength Chrome-Moly steel. This is the same steel most forged steel crankshafts are made from. We then CNC machine them and roll form the threads to make them the exact length and size of a rod end. These panhard rods can be ordered in 3 adjustable versions: street (which uses forged poly/forged poly ends), street/race (which uses forged poly/rod ends), and finally a race version (which uses rod end/rod end). The great thing about this system is if you choose a street version now and decide later you want to upgrade to a race or street/race panhard rod, all you have to do is order the ends from us instead of a complete new panhard rod.

These tubular adjustable panhard rods are the finest on the market. Manufactured from high strength aluminum alloy or 4130 Chrome-Moly swaged tube technology, our ultra light panhard rods will eliminate the unwanted flex and twist commonly found in the factory and other poorly designed aftermarket panhard rods. These rods will give you a competitive edge by keeping the rear axle located in the optimum position under the rear of the car, thereby dramatically improving cornering and overall handling predictability. The rod easily adjusts on the car to compensate for ride height adjustments. These aluminum and chrome-moly panhard rods feature a one piece no weld center support rod with machined wrench flats (aluminum only) with left and right handed threads for easy adjustments of the rod while still on the vehicle.

Key Features:

  • Modular System to reduce overall costs during upgrades
  • One piece (no weld) steel or aluminum
  • Easily change between rod ends and polyurethane
  • Double adjustable for easy on car adjustment
  • Lifetime Warranty on polyurethane ends
  • Very high precision 3 piece PTFE lined Chrome-Moly raced rod ends
  • Chrome-Moly Poly Forged ends available in left or right hand threads


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