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24″ Square 4-Pin Oxygen Sensor Extension


Model Number: O2EXT24
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When you install most headers, it moves the oxygen sensor bungs towards the rear of the car, farther from the facory harness’. This is especially true on cars where long-tube headers are installed, leaving your factory oxygen sensor plugs out of reach from your factory oxygen sensor pigtails.

Our oxygen sensor extenions are available in 3 different lengths, 12″, 24″, and 36″. For custom sizing/pricing, please contact us. Each extension is tested for continuity before it’s shipped to the customer. The connectors used in these extensions are the EXACT same connectors GM uses in their OEM connectors and harnesses, ensuring a perfectly tight, weather-resistant fit. They plug directly into your factory harness and also plug directly into your factoy O2 pigtail harness.

This is for one (1) twenty-four (24″) inch extension for the SQUARE 4-pin connectors.

Most long-tube installs require 2 extensions, one for each catalytic converter. (On dual-catalyst cars). Most header installs on 93-02 f-body’s require a 12″ on the passenger side, and a 24″ on the driver side.

These extensions are normally used for the PRE-catalyst O2 sensors, as most of the factory harnesses will reach the rear O2’s (on OBD II equipped cars).

Weight 1 oz


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