1982-1992 Fbody J&M Products Caster Camber Plates


Model Number: 24215
J&M Products

Needing to take control of your mustangs front suspension. Do it by using a set of J&M Products adjustable caster and camber plates. J&M plates replace the stock rubber strut mount bushings with a spherical bearing, allowing you full control of the suspension geometry. Whether you want your alignment set for track, street, or strip, these plates will allow you to fine tune your suspension so you can get the most out of your car. The bearing mounts are completely adjustable and are 100% TIG welded for the ultimate in strength, durability, and fit. They also feature a special chrome moly replaceable teflon lined spherical bearing for a noise free quality ride.

J&M Products plates include the following features:

  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE against bearing failure and main plate bending or breaking.
  • Slots for adjusting caster and camber independently.
  • Easy adjustment for Street and Race applications.
  • Replaceable highest strength chrome moly teflon-lined spherical bearings for noise free performance.
  • Greatest increase in suspension travel for lowered cars.
  • Powder coated for great looks and long lasting protection.
  • 4 bolt option for the 94-04 Mustangs vehicles for coil-over use
  • Alloy steel main support plate for ultimate strength



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