ZEX -6AN Liquid Filled Pressure Gauge Kit


Model Number: 82342
  • Monitors bottle pressure accurately
  • Internal components are protected from severe vibration often found in race cars & serious street/strip vehicles
  • Specifically designed to fit any manufacturer’s nitrous system
  • Comes with inline adapter for -6AN delivery lines
  • Kit includes 0-1500 psi range gauge

When the little details mean winning or losing races, a higher quality nitrous pressure gauge is a must have!
Serious racers know that optimum nitrous system performance is generated when nitrous bottle pressure is maintained between 900-1000 psi. To monitor this accurately, ZEX™ has just released a liquid filled gauge option for their popular nitrous pressure gauge kit. The gauge offered in this kit is not only more accurate, but the liquid filling helps protect the gauge’s delicate internal components from severe vibration, commonly found in race cars and serious street/strip type vehicles.

The ZEX™ liquid filled gauge kit is specifically designed for -6AN sized nitrous delivery lines and includes the 0-1500 psi range gauge and an in-line -6AN adapter.


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