Tick Performance Slave Cylinder Shim Kit (3 Pack)


Tick Performance

This pack of 3 shims is a smart idea to keep on hand during every clutch install! Includes the following:

•Tick Performance Slave Cylinder Shim (.055″)

•Tick Performance Slave Cylinder Shim (.113″)

•Tick Performance Slave Cylinder Shim (.180″)

No matter the results of your measuring, this pack includes a shim that will fit your needs. All made here in the USA! Will not fit Cadillac CTS-V.

How to determine if a shim is needed for your setup:

During each and every clutch install you perform on a newer GM vehicle, you must measure to see if a shim is necessary for proper installation. This is done by taking two simple measurements (see worksheet):

1) Measurement “A” is the distance between the surface of the bellhousing that meets the transmission to the tip of the pressure plate fingers. To get an accurate measurement, the clutch must be torqued properly.

2) Measurement “B” is the distance between the throwout bearing surface to the transmission surface that meets the bellhousing. To get an accurate measurement, the slave spring must be removed and the bearing must be fully seated at the bottom of it’s travel; resting on the slave’s base.

Once you’ve got your two measurements, make sure that measurement “B” is ~3/16″ to 1/8″ LESS than measurement “A”. If you come up with more than 1/8″, add an appropriately sized shim between the slave cylinder and the transmission in order to get the measurements where they need to be.

Your “A minus B” measurement should be 0.125 to 0.200 for adequate bearing travel and to allow for clutch wear. If there is no difference between the two measurements, or if “B” is greater than “A”, there could be a problem with clutch engagement which could result in premature clutch slip and eventually a total failure. Contact your clutch manufacturer before proceeding with the install.

Weight 1 oz


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