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SacCity Precision LS Billet Barbell


Model Number: SCBB-LS
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The Oil Galley Barbell in your LS based engine is something that is over looked. And yet it serves a very important mission of directing oil to the oil filter. If oil leaks pass the Barbell it will go unfiltered directly to the Cam Bearing, Lifters, Crank and Rod Bearings. The factory Barbell is approximately .020” to loose so particles as big as 500 Microns can leak passed the factory Barbell. Your oil filter will filter out approximately 25 Microns depend on the brand of filter. Our 6061 Aluminum Precision Billet Barbell fits with approximately .001” clearance which will let only about 20-25 Microns pass by, that is the same as the filter.

Another important part is the shaft of the Barbell. The oil has to flow around it to get through to the oil port. Our Billet Barbell has a 30% smaller shaft for much less flow restriction.

We have also added a 1/4-20 threaded hole in the end of our Barbell for easy removal. Just screw a 1/4-20 bolt in and pull the barbell out. No more digging and prying to get the factory one out.

Better engine protection from much less and smaller particles bypassing, smaller less restrictive shaft for better oil flow, replaceable High Temperature Viton O ring and for ease of service a threaded 1/4-20 hole.

Why would you ever put the plastic factory Barbell back in your expensive LS engine and let unfiltered oil in?

Tech Note: Always make sure your oil is at operating temperature before running your engine hard! Also use a high quality oil filter!

Fits GM Gen III & IV LS Engines LS1-2-3-6-7-9-LQ4-LQ9-4.8L-5.3L-6.0L-6.2L & More!


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