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RPM Speed LS Complete Engine Rebuild Kit


Model Number: RPMGK-LSX-2
RPM Speed

Rpmspeed brings you our heavy duty gasket kit with HD MLS gasket kits and adds in a complete piston kit with rings, cam/crank/rod bearings, and even HD timing set and hi flo oil pump. Upgrade to forged pistons, boost/nitrous rings, high volume/pressure oil pumps, billet timing sets also.

Kit Includes:

* MLS head gaskets .053 thickness

* Front cover gasket

* Front cover seal

* Water pump gaskets

* Valley cover gasket

* Knock sensor grommets

* Crossover tube gaskets

* Valve cover gaskets

* Viton valve stem seat/seal

* Rear cover gasket

* Viton rear cover seal

* Oil pan gasket

* Side cover gasket

* Intake manifold gaskets

* Tb gasket

* Thrust plate

* Crank Bolt

* MLS Exhaust Manifold Gaskets

* Stock tty head bolts (specify year)

* Cam Bearings (specify year)

* Crank bearings for stock cranks only (std or oversize)

* Rod Bearings for stock or aftermarket rod on stock crank (std or oversize)

* Pistons –
Hd repalcement in varying bore sizes with coated skirts

* Rings –
Std fit plasma moly steel top ,
iron/napier second ,
Std tension oil

* Hi flo oil pump

* Hd timing set (1x or 4x 3 bolt) with ls2 chain cam gear and crank gear non adj

Picture may be an example.

Please email us your engine specifications so we can verify the correct parts are sent. Upgrades are also available via email.


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