Raptor RPM Activated Switch


Model Number: RaptorRPMSwi
Raptor Performance

Raptor RPM Activated Switch

The Raptor rpm activated switch, is an easy way to add a single LED shift indicator to your vehicle for the ultimate stealth installation. Or use it with the Raptor warning light for a very compact installation. It can also be used to trigger external devices either on or off, at a set RPM by providing a ground connection. One Normally open contact and one normally closed contact rated at 2 Amps and thermally protected.

High strength ABS plastic enclosure. Easy RPM and cylinder configuration settings with 3 rotary switches. No separate “pills” or rpm converters required for distributor-less ignitions. Also, works on distributor style ignitions with or without points, aftermarket ignition boxes with “tach out” lead, etc. Potted for durability and water resistant.

Each kit comes with the RPM activated switch, a 10 foot cable for power and rpm signal connection, Velcro mounting strips and operating instructions. Green plug, plugs into the box for easy removal if necessary.


  • Dimensions: 2.25″ x 2.25″. This can be mounted in the glove box or underneath the dash to retain the factory look while having all of the benefits of a performance shift light!
  • Two relay outputs, one normally open and one normally closed, rated for 2 amps. Use them to turn on or turn off a device at a preset RPM. It can trigger solenoids, our warning light, an LED/resistor assembly, etc. by providing a ground signal.
  • Simply turn the three rotary RPM & cylinder setting switches then cycle the power. The new settings are then stored in the micro-controller’s memory.

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