Racetronix High-Pressure 330LPH In-line Screw Pump (Walbro)


Model Number: WSP330

This state-of-the-art German-engineered screw-pump sets a new standard in high-performance. The new dual screw-design exhibits high-flow with minimal pressure drop-off and heating while operating at elevated pressures. This pump technology is used as factory equipment in the Bugatti Veyron and other super-cars. This pump will support over 800HP+ reliably and quietly making it the best performing pump currently on the market. This pump is compatible with gas, E15 and diesel. This pump may be used externally or in the gas tank. A quality 30-micron inlet filter must be used to protect the pump from contamination.

Length: 226mm

Diameter: 43mm

Inlet: 15mm barb

Outlet: 8mm barb

Terminals: (-) 5mm, (+) 4mm

Racetronix supplies stainless nuts and washers for the electrical terminals. These pumps are vacuum sealed and boxed for added protection during storage and shipping.


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