Racetronix Fuel Pump Wiring Kit (New Design)


Model Number: FPWK-017A-2

This kit has all the parts required to upgrade the factory wiring on GM factory vehicles equipped with the older-style 4-position 150-series fuel module connector to the new-style GT-series connector system. The older-style 150-series connectors are known to fail over time so GM/Delphi has switched all new-production modules to incorporate the GT-series connector system which has twice the current capacity. This fuel pump wiring kit is a must when upgrading to new high-performance pumps which draw 2-3 times more power than a factory pump.

This fuel pump wiring kit contains the following items:

•Racetronix Fuel Pump Upgrade Harness FPWH-017 – Provides a heavy-duty power source for high-performance pumps (up to 30 amps). This harness adapts the older 150-series connector to the new 280-series connector without the need for external adapters or splicing.

•Fuel Module Electrical Bulkhead Connector Kit RCS-028 – Direct-fit 30-Amp rated connector replaces factory 14-amp unit.

•In-tank Teflon wiring harness ITWH-022 – Direct hookup between Delphi connector and Aeromotive* and other aftermarket pumps. (Positive terminal on right when pump’s outlet is held at 12 o’clock.)

* The in-tank harness icluded with this kit is set up to work with first-generation Aeromotive Stealth pumps which have a white inlet on the bottom only. New-production Aeromotive Stealth pumps which have a red inlet require our FPWK-017W kit.

FOR USE WITH OUR FPA-001A fuel pump assembly (uses ITWH-022)

If you have an older FPA-001 fuel pump assembly or pump listed above you will requir our FPWK-017W which inludes our ITWH-023.

Always check the pump polarity markings on top of the pump. RED +, BLACK –


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