Racetronix Budget Fuel Line Kit


Model Number: RPMBFLK

No more trying to use the factory evap lines as a return! We will be offering a budget return style upgrade for the 98-02 fbodys. Since quite a few are running our 340 and hellcat modules making good power, and do not want to use the c5 kit or cut on their car etc, we have engineered a return style system that is essentially no cutting and no permanent modification to the car! Nearly plug and play minus cutting the hose and installing ends and routing. It will use the stock feed as the return which will be adapted with a separate line we make in house, and will include real 6an ptfe feed line. The kit also comes with a boost reference adjustable fuel pressure regulator, stock style wix fuel filter for easy replacement, all fittings and optional hose separator brackets (no more zip ties). We also offer with billet fuel filter assy as well and fuel pressure gauge.

Weight 1 oz


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