Racetronix 80LB High Impedence Fuel Injectors


Model Number: FI114992

This newly released injector from Continental (Siemens) is based on the DEKA 5 family. It features a laser welded orifice plate with small holes for superior atomization. The light-weight internal components allow for fast opening/closing times and enhanced high-pressure capability.

  • Weight: 40.50GM
  • Manufacturers : Siemens (Continental)
  • Categories: Fuel Injectors – High Impedance
  • Coil Resistance Ohms: 12
  • Spray Pattern: Cone
  • Series: DEKA 5
  • Connector Type: Minitimer (Bosch EV1 – Jetronic)
  • O-ring Type: Viton
  • E85 Compatible: Yes

Sold in a Pack of 8.


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