QTP Electric Cutout for Borla Exhaust System


Model Number: QTEC30B
Quick Time Performance

3″ QTP Electric Cutout Designed to fit 1993-2002 Camaro/Firebird Borla adjustable exhaust system.

Weight 1 oz

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    Joey Cusimano (verified owner)

    This product installs like a normal cutout plate for the Borla catback would, and runs a weather-proof wire for remote opening/closing of the cutout. There is a hole in the spare tire area that can be filed out a bit for the wire to be routed through. The switch is pretty big and fits clumsily in the ash tray. Installation is easy and takes maybe 15 minutes if you aren’t meticulous about cleanliness of the routing of the wire under the carpet. The product is very well made and seems weatherproof and like it would last a while even in areas with a lot of road salt in the winter and rust-promoting humidity in the summer. Because it seems well made and has lasted me 9 months so far without failure, I will give this product 5 stars. But before you buy it, read below paragraph.

    As for functionality of the product, it really quiets the exhaust down. Very useful if you live in a neighborhood and don’t want drama from people about your car being loud. Especially if you are cammed, the Borla really likes to sound like an old diesel chugging away and chopping/loping all over the place. However, I will say that sound is the ONLY reason you should buy this. I have DYNO’d my cammed/heads Trans Am and the horsepower difference between open/closed is like 5hp.

    I repeat, open vs closed, this cutout will NOT make a significant horsepower difference. Only buy it for the sound.

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