Nitrous Outlet LS1 78mm EFI Dual Stage Plate System w/10lb Bottle


Model Number: 00-10103-10
Nitrous Outlet

The Nitrous Outlet GM EFI LSX Dual Stage plate systems are the only plate systems available that are capable of safely delivering a precise atomized mixture of nitrous and fuel into the intake plenum.

These plate systems were originally designed for racers competing in a class that stated you could only use a single nozzle discharge or plate with a single nitrous jet no larger than .093 thousands. These racers were having issues zapping spark plugs and hurting pistons due to the nitrous discharge not atomizing correctly into the air intake path and equally feeding each cylinder.

After over a year of R&D, three different designs, and a lot of real world racing experience Nitrous Outlet introduced the Nitrous Plate design that would revolutionize the racing industry.

Nitrous Outlet is the only company that has racers using a plate system safely injecting horse power levels over 300 hp through the front of the intake plenum. Our plate design has shown proven results time after time again.

These billet nitrous injection plate is only ¾ thick with a factory O-ring gasket machined in. Our unique discharge design can safely introduce a hard hitting pattern into the intake plenum while still maintaining a clean reading on all the spark plugs proving our product delivers the results they designed to do.

A product designed for hard core racers that deliver proven results both on and off the track.

  • LS1 Stock 78mm Dual Stage EFI Plate System w/10lb Bottle.
  • Comes w/Jetting for 50-150 HP.
  • For Corvette part # 42000 is needed
Weight 1 oz


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