Nitrous Outlet Digital Inline Nitrous Pressure Gauge & Shut Off Valve w/Filter


Model Number: 00-63017
Nitrous Outlet

Precise Readings. This LCD backlit nitrous pressure gauge is accurate to ± .2% and is battery powered for a clean install.

Inline.This unit installs inline with your main feed line and is available with fittings for -4AN, -6AN, and -8AN lines.

Digital. Not only is this gauge more accurate than your run of the mill liquid filled sweeping gauge, it also reads in 5 units psi, bar, kpa, Mpa, and kg/cm2 and automatically records the max pressure reading. In addition it has a programable auto off feature that can be set from 0-15min and has progress bar display that shows the flowing pressure in relation to the max pressure of the gauge (1500psi).

Application. This unit is designed to be installed inline with the nitrous system’s existing main feed line allowing the driver to monitor nitrous pressure and close the main feed line if needed.


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