Monster Clutch LSX Engine 11″ Ceramic Race Package – 2010+ Camaro (850hp/tq)


Monster Clutch

We call them the “uncivilized Monsters”, they are the best 11″ units you can get for the LSx market! How does a holding capacity of 850ftlbs of torque sound?

You take a little over 3500 lbs of plate load, mix it with the cerametallic friction material, and you come up with a clutch that can take a tremendous amount of abuse and still have some street manners! The 11″ series is an affordable performance clutch that will hold the power and abuse and won’t break the bank. Keep in mind that there are some trade offs for saving money, these things aren’t called uncivilized for nothing. This unit will chatter, the pedal effort on stock hydraulics is 12-15% stiffer than stock, and like the other clutches you will find the weak links in the drivetrain! Don’t let the warnings fool you though as they’ve got numerous units on the street being daily driven without issue, if you don’t mind a stiff pedal and some chatter then look no further!


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