Manley Performance LS Valve Spring Kit – .660″ Lift


Model Number: 26362334KS

NexTek® Series valve springs have been tested by leading engine builders and are confirmed to be the best performing valve springs on the market today. Higher natural frequency and lower active mass provides improved valvetrain control and higher RPM potential. Dual spring design reduces friction, which generates less heat and translates into greatly reduced load loss. Smaller diameter, lightweight dual design allows engine to rev higher with improved valve train control. This kit features specially processed premium-grade chrome silicon that is virtually free of impurities or surface irregularities. Super Finished multi-step surface enhancement significantly improves fatigue strength. Extensively tested on the Spintron, dyno, and race track (including blown nitro engines) and proven highly effective.

This kit includes NexTek Series fully polished double springs, 7° Titanium retainers, ID locators, machined valve locks, and Viton valve stem seals. All springs are triple except 221424, 221425 & 221454 which are double w/o damper.


NexTek H.P. Valve Spring Kit

GM LS-series

1.295” O.D. and 0.676” I.D.

379 lbs./in. Spring Rate

155 @ 1.810” / 405 @ 1.150”

0.660” Max Valve Lift

Double Spring (No Damper)

+.050″ 7° Titanium Retainer

Viton Valve Seals

Titanium retainers

Unequaled performance

Better valve train stability and component life

No degradation of spring pressure in the later stages of a race

Accepts smaller, lighter retainers which promotes higher revs

Ultra clean, high tensile strength chrome silicon material

Ideal loads for multiple applications with minimal load loss


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