LS7 Style Lunati Voodoo Crankshaft & Connecting Rods Kit – 4.250″ Stroke, 6.300″ Connecting H-Beam Rods, 24x Reluctor


Model Number: 70942501K3

Crank up the power with Voodoo crankshaft and connecting rod kits from Lunati and show ’em just what you can do when you Voodoo! At Lunati, they understand that both racers and engine builders need and want components that can handle extreme race conditions and produce race-winning power levels. After all, winning racers don’t find victory lane by accident! Each of these kits has been precisely matched and built for your exact engine specs. The crankshafts and rods both are made of 4340 forged steel and are nitrile heat-treated for strength. The lightening holes in rod journals reduce crankshaft inertia weight to quicken rotation time, and feature profiled counterweights to reduce windage. The H-beam connecting rods are stress-relieved to remove internal stresses and shot-peened to increase longevity. It doesn’t take magic to beat the competition–it requires Lunati!

Features 24-tooth reluctor ring. Crankshaft requires narrow or chamfered main and rod bearings. Connecting rods feature ARP2000 series rod bolts.


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