LS3 Texas Speed & Performance Stage 2 Blower Camshaft


Model Number: 25-TSPLS3-B
Texas Speed & Performance

TSP’s all new line of LS3 camshafts are a result of months of engine dyno camshaft development using our state of the art Superflow 902 engine dyno. Using a brand new LS3 crate engine we started from scratch to build the most power LS3 camshafts available in the country.

The stage 2 LS3-B supercharged camshaft is a great mid duration camshaft for power applications from 2400rpm+. This camshaft is designed to make big power gains on boost LS3, LSA, and L92 applications. This camshaft is a perfect option for customers wanting a great all around camshaft for supercharged LS3/LSA engines! Designed for LS3/LSA M6 cars or automatic cars with 2500rpm or larger stall converters, and the VVT/AFM delete kit (if applicable). We recommend this camshaft for LS3, LSA, or LS2 engines using L92/LS3 rectangle port cylinder heads!

This camshaft was desgined for boost engines, but typical gains of approximately 60 rear wheel horsepower can be seen on stock LS3 cars without a supercharger! These power gains make this camshaft a great option for people wanting to do a camshaft now & add a supercharger later on down the road!

Cam Specs: 227/235, .641″/.649″, 114 LSA

**The factory LS3 camshaft uses a single-bolt cam design, which means one bolt holds the upper timing sprocket on the camshaft. For LS3 vehicles, you can either go back in with a single-bolt camshaft or convert to the three-bolt camshaft design that the 1997-2006 LS-based vehicles use. The three-bolt conversion kit will supply the correct 4x upper timing gear to supply the correct camshaft position signal, as well as the ARP camshaft bolt kit that will supply the three required bolts. We also offer the converison kit with a complete, upgraded timing set for those wanting to replace the entire set.**


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