LS2/LS3/LSA/LS9/L99 Icon Premium-1 Forged Pistons 4.000″ Bore, 3.622″ Stroke, 6.125″ Rod w/.927″ PIN – Flat Top Piston


Model Number: IC551C
Icon Forged Pistons

ICON forgings are created at their in-house facility, utilizing the latest innovations in piston forging technology. Each ICON piston is purpose built from the ground up for extreme high-performance street or racing applications. From the FHR series to the LCAT, ICON offers the most diverse and fully-featured “Off the Shelf” forged piston on the market today. No matter what your high-performance application calls for, there is an ICON piston for you.

ICON Premium pistons are designed to be application specific and are made from either 4032 or 2618 aluminum. 2618 aluminum has a lower silicon content than 4032 and is better suited for engine combinations with high compression or a power adder. A byproduct of having a lower silicon content, is an increased rate of thermal expansion. Because of this, pistons made from 2618 require more piston to cylinder wall clearance than their 4032 counterparts.

ICON Premium pistons include all the features of an FHR piston, with the addition of precision CNC machined valve reliefs and crown features, pressure fed pin bore oiling, and skirt and pin boss struts for increased strength and durability. ICON Premium pistons are built in a variety of compression ratios and are available for a wide range of engine types.

Does not include rings.


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