LS1/LS6 Power+Plus Typhoon Manifold 85mm (Black Finish)


Model Number: 52060-B
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This manifold is a result of over one year of development with extensive dyno testing. While it is difficult to improve on the original G.M. design Power+Plus was able to show increases all the way up the rpm range with significantly more power down in the low and mid rpm ranges than competitive aftermarket manifolds for this engine. And yet they still matched or exceeded them on the top end. The LS1 version has an 85mm inlet (see Power+Plus’s matching 85mm throttle body or use stock throttle body) while the LS2 version sports a humongous 96mm inlet bore. Use your stock 91mm throttle body or Power+Plus matching 96mm model. Both the LS1 and LS2 manifolds come complete with fuel rails and necessary plumbing with fittings to match factory fuel lines. If your LS1 is an early version with a fuel return line, you can utilize the 10670 or 10671 fuel pressure regulator with this setup. The late returnless systems utilize a regulator in the fuel tank with the fuel pump.

Additional Info

Power+Plus’s LS1 Manifold will accept up to an 85mm throttle body. Power+Plus’s LS2 Manifold will accept up to the 96mm throttle body and could conceivably be enlarged for a larger size if anyone makes one. If you have an LS1 engine but want to run a throttle body larger than 85mm, you can use the #52064/52065 LS2 manifold and one of their LS2 96mm throttle bodies or the stock 91mm throttle body. Both the LS1 and LS2 manifolds come with a set of fuel rails. The reason you need to use this special version of the LS2 manifold is that the LS2 injectors are shorter and are a different diameter where they go into the manifold than the LS1 and have a different electrical connection than the LS1 which means you cannot use the LS2 injectors on an LS1 manifold or with an LS1 harness. The #52064/#52065 version of the LS2 manifold is machined to accept LS1 injectors so you can continue to utilize your stock wiring harness and injector connectors but gain the large 96MM inlet opening.

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