LS1/LS6 FAST FireWire Spark Plug Wire Set


Model Number: 255-2419

ST® 8.55mm FireWire® Spark Plug Wires feature the lowest resistance — less than 25 ohms per foot — for maximum energy transfer to the plugs for firing. Their reactive-core construction also effectively filters out “noise” generated by high-output ignition systems. This filtering of radio frequency interference (RFI) and electromagnetic interference (EMI) protects on-board computers and instruments. Designed for street performance and all-out racing applications, the wires are protected with a sleeve of double-layered silicone effective against header heat, oils and abrasion. Additionally, the silicone boots can withstand 550 degrees. This Custom FireWire® kit is cut to specific lengths and terminated on both ends for a direct plug-in installation on the specified application.


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