LS1/LS2/LS6 Lunati 4340 I-Beam Connecting Rods (6.125″ Rod Length)


Model Number: 6125FM3

Connecting rods receive some of the highest stress levels of any bottom end engine component. The forces a rod receives when the piston direction reverses from top dead center can exceed 12,000 lbs. in a race application. When you stop and think about how much stress that is, you realize how important a quality connecting rod is for your race engine. Lunati’s fully machined I-beam connecting rods are on average, stronger and lighter than competitor’s steel connecting rods. Each set is weight matched to +/- 1.5 grams and utilize ARP® cap hardware, providing you with a top of the line connecting rod that can handle most anything you can throw at it.
Lunati fully machined 4340 forged steel I-beam connecting rod set for Chevrolet small block LS1, LS2, LS6 applications

  • Rod Length: 6.125 in.
  • Big End Diameter: 2.100 in.
  • Small End Diameter: 0.928 in.
  • Weight: 609 grams


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