LS1/LS2/LS6 Holley Sniper EFI Fabricated Intake Manifold Dual Plenum 102mm TB spacers, and Fuel Rail Kit – Silver


Model Number: 820241

Holley continues to push the envelope of intake design with its latest offering. The unique look of this intake will surely stand out from the crowd!

The latest release of fabricated “Dual Plenum” intake manifolds for GM LS1/2/6 and LS3/L92 engines. This unique design of utilizing two plenums solves two common problems experienced with many intakes increased airflow and even dispersion of air to intake ports.

The use of one tapered plenum to accommodate one bank of cylinders accomplishes both problems. The entire volume of incoming air is distributed to only four cylinders and the tapered shape of the plenum help increased air velocity directed to each of the intake runner ports.

The dual plenum design features extremely long 12-3/4″ runners to develop low-end torque making this intake an ideal “street” intake.

These intake are finished in our familiar silver and black anodized finishes for durability and good looks. Our 3/8″ fuel rail kit include a laser engrave Sniper logo and are capable of supporting 750+ horsepower.


3mm (1/8″) thick T6061 Sheet Aluminum construction, strong and durable for high horsepower and boosted conditions

Available in 92mm and 102mm bore Throttle Body Openings

100% TIG welded

Dual Plenum Intakes include TB spacers, and 3/8″ Fuel rail kits with -8AN fittings and crossover braided line (with laser engraved Sniper logo)

Equal runner lengths with tapered intake plenums designed to increase velocity and more evenly distribute airflow to all cylinders

Choice of bright silver or black anodized finish

Dual plenum design ideal for street max effort engines and boosted applications

Long Intake runner lengths (12.75”) offering low end torque and operating range of 1600-6800 RPM


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