LS1/LS2/LS6 Holley Dual Fuel Injector Lo-Ram Top-Feed EFI Intake Manifold Kit – Black Finish


Model Number: 300-625BK

The Holley LS1/2/6 Lo-Ram intake manifold kits are designed for GM LS Gen III and IV engines equipped with GM LS1/2/6 (cathedral port) cylinder heads. These intake manifold and rail kits will work with OE (Original Equipment) or aftermarket cylinder heads.

The 300-624(satin) & 300-624BK(black) top-feed intake manifold kit provides two injectors per cylinder for hi-volume fuel demands, flexible fuel supply strategies, and dual-fuel capability. The top-feed, short runner, low-profile base intake manifold was conceived to package plenum mounted intercoolers for high-boost turbocharged or supercharged induction systems with a shorter overall height not possible with other existing intake manifolds. The plenum top is configured to be fitted with 105 mm throttle body part number 112-581 or similar models. The dual fuel injector fuel rail kits come with two sets of brackets. A set for long (usually standard length) fuel injectors and a set for short (such as Pico, or LS7) fuel injectors.

Available in satin and black finishes.

Holley Lo-Ram intake manifold kits include all the sealing o-rings, plugs, and fasteners required for the installation of the kit.


Designed for GM LS Gen III and IV engines equipped with GM LS1/2/6 (cathedral port) cylinder heads

Provides best performance for forced induction (supercharged or turbocharged) engine applications with peak power at 7000-8000 rpm, depending on the application

Dual-injector, separate-passage, high-volume fuel rails with mounting hardware, dual-fuel capable, 8 AN o-ring ports

Low height to aid the packaging of a plenum mounted air-to-water intercooler in a top-feed configuration or to fit under a stock or mildly modified hood in the front-feed configuration

Available with both as-cast satin and black power-coat finishes


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