LS1/LS2/LS6 Dart 205cc Pro Cylinder Head


Model Number: 11011112

Dart’s LS1 Cylinder Heads are cast from the same virgin 355-T6 aircraft alloy that is used in Dart Pro-Stock heads. These LS style heads are available with high flowing as-cast ports. Standard valve angle and spacing is retained for bolt-on compatability. As cast heads are bowl blended on 5-axis machining centers. Manganese bronze valve guides are used for long life, and hardened valve seats provide durability with unleaded fuels.

Dart’s proprietary “Speed-Flow” technology has now produced an affordable LS style cylinder head with awesome flow and power. Stock valve angles and centers, drilled and tapped accessory holes mean you can use stock components.

Compact, highly efficient combustion chambers improve airflow and flame propagation for increased power and torque. Added material at the top allows flexability for upgraded valvetrain components.

Dart’s race-proven port designs and advanced casting techniques produce the as-cast ports which flow like they’ve been ported, without the time and expense of CNC or hand porting.

Multi-angle intake and radiused exhaust seats for improved airflow. Manganese bronze valve guides and powdered metal interlocking valve seats are used for extended cylinder head life.

These heads are SOLD INDIVIDUALLY and come fully assembled with valves, valve springs, locks, & retainers.


Combustion Chambers: 62cc

Intake Valve Size: 2.02″

Exhaust Valve Size: 1.60″

Visit This Page for flow numbers and other info at Dart’s Homepage.

Weight 1 oz


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