LS Series Lunati Voodoo Camshaft (237/243 113LSA) – 5.7L-6.0L


Model Number: 20540715

Lunati’s Voodoo series of Hydraulic Roller camshafts deliver more area under the curve than any other series of Hydraulic camshafts. This means more throttle response, quicker acceleration, more vacuum, better efficiency, combined with maximum horsepower and torque!
Hydraulic roller. Hot street performance camshaft. Works well with 5.7-6.0 liter engines

  • Advertised Duration (Int/Exh): 287/293
  • Duration @ .050 (Int/Exh): 237/243
  • Gross Valve Lift (Int/Exh): .600″/.600″
  • LSA/ICL: 113/109
  • Valve Lash (Int/Exh): Hyd/Hyd
  • RPM Range: 2600-7200
  • Includes: Cam Only


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