LS Series GM Performance “Truck” Style Ignition Coil


Model Number: 10457730
GM Performance Parts

Many GM trucks come with a different, more powerful ignition coil. These coils have round bodies and an aluminum heat sink on one end. Simply swapping these coils into a LS1 equipped engine in a LS1 Fbody, Corvette, GTO, etc have shown improvements in horsepower and torque. Car owners who’ve done this swap have reported better throttle response, engine smoothness and fuel economy. A few have done back to back dyno pulls to document the results. Power improvement results can vary from an increase high of 9 rwhp/18 rwtq to a low of 6 rwhp/2 rwtq. Power results will vary on many different factors.

To complete the kit you will need two mounting brackets GM Part# 10457736 and two coil harnesses GM Part# 12601824.

Note: On Camaro/Firebird applications on the right side, the PCM wiring loom next to the heater box will need to have one clip removed so the loom can be moved rearwards. You may need to finagle the A.I.R. tubes a bit, if you have them and they’re still in place.

On the left side, you’ll need to re-locate the evap return solenoid and hose/harness as it will be in the way. Moving to the fender well or next to the throttle body works. The fuel line will need to be gently nudged upwards until it clears the number five coil plug. It’ll be easier to bend if the first welded tab on the fuel line was cut.


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