LS Series Centerforce DYAD Dual Disc Clutch Kit


Model Number: 413614842

The Centerforce’s DYAD clutch kits are designed for extreme horsepower and torque outputs, the DYAD system combines several of Centerforce’s patented technologies into a single package. The use of multiple discs allows a vast increase in holding capacity from the pressure plate and increases the number of friction surfaces from two to four. Centerforce does this by using a dual disc system that operates much like a single disc, and has the drivability of a stock clutch. While one of the discs has splines for the input shaft, the other is a floating disc, and is driven by the splined disc. This increased holding capacity means the Centerforce’s DYAD clutch can tackle upwards to 1,200 ft-lbs. of torque while maintaining drivability.

Weight 1 oz


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