LS Series Callies DragonSlayer Crankshaft 3.625″ Stroke 2.000″ Pin 2.559 Main


Model Number: APH34V-DS

DragonSlayer crankshafts are made in the U.S.A. for American Racers. With an expanded line of part numbers, the DragonSlayer is rapidly setting the standard by which other Sportsman crankshafts are measured.

These shafts are machined to the tolerances demanded by today’s high performance engine builder. Roundness and taper are held to less than .0003 on all rod and main journal diameters. Callies final polishing procedures produce excellent load carrying surfaces that ensure extended bearing life and trouble free operation.

Each DragonSlayer features the Callies Ultra-Case nitride treatment. This heat treatment method produces a deep case that enhances strength while creating an extremely hard load bearing wear surface. The Ultra-Case process generates a layer of hardened steel deep enough to maintain its integrity even after a -.010 regrind.

Callies heat treat expertise combined with their high purity premium 4340 forging produce strength of unparalleled value. All DragonSlayers are produced with standard Chevy rod journal diameters and widths

DragonSlayer crankshafts are produced on the high quality Callies 8 counterweight forging. These shafts have ample counterweights to be internally balanced without heavy metal up to a 2430 gm. bobweight.

Each DragonSlayer is shipped with the standard GM damper and timing gear keyway configuration.


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