Lingenfelter LSA/LS9 10 Bolt Supercharger Pulley Hub


Model Number: L250150309
Lingenfelter Performance

Lingenfelter offers this 10 bolt stainless steel supercharger pulley hub for the C6 ZR1 LS9 2009-2013, CTS-V LSA 2009-2013 or Camaro ZL1 with stock supercharger snout or supercharger front cover that will allow you to quickly switch between our different size supercharger pulleys on the car.

To install the 10 bolt hub you must remove your supercharger snout or front cover and use a pulley puller to remove the stock pulley. You must machine clearance on the front cover before the new 10 bolt hub can be pressed onto your stock C6 ZR1 Corvette supercharger shaft.

Kit includes hub and 10 fasteners for the pulley but you will need to select and purchase the pulley.


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