Grams Performance Air/Fuel Ratio Wideband Gauge


Model Number: G2-99-0055
Grams Performance

Grams Performance now offers a Wideband Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge. Air/Fuel Ratio data is important for tuning as it helps achieve optimum power and safety. Unlike other gauges on the market Grams Wideband is fully digital and features large LED numbers for an easy read. The Wideband is compatible with all fuel types and uses Bosch Power LSU 4.9. The Grams wideband air fuel gauges feature a 0-5v output for closed-loop feedback when pairing with a standalone ECU. Grams Wideband measures at 52mm with an LED display that features a 3 color sweep from Red, Yellow to Green. The Grams Wideband using the Bosch LSU 4.9 is able to have accuracy down to .001 and utilizes a 4 digit display.


• 52mm Gauge Housing

• 0-5v analog output (10-20 AFR)

• Bosch 4.9 LSU sensor with weld-in bung included

• Accuracy down to .001 and 4 digit display

• Display output from 10:1 to 20:1 AFR

• LED Display w/ 3 Color sweep from Red, Yellow, Green


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