Gen V LT Series MSD 2-Step Launch Control


Model Number: 87331

If you’re looking to launch your
Gen V, Direct Injected GM vehicle
off the line on a 2-Step rev limiter,
MSD part number 87331 is the
When activated, the 2-Step will
hold your engine at a constant
RPM. This can be achieved by way
of a clutch switch or push button.
As soon as your activation switch
or button is released, full ignition is
restored and you’re off to the
The rpm is adjusted with two builtin
rotary dials ranging from 1,800-
9,900 rpm in 100 rpm increments.
A handy LED shows when the
launch rev limit is active.


Easily set a launch rpm for consistent holeshots

Connects to the factory coils for easy installation

The best way to achieve consistent launches

Easily plugs into factory coil connectors


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