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Gen III/IV LSX Series Comp Cams Elite Race Solid Roller Lifters (0.875″ Diameter)


Model Number: 98954-16
Comp Cams

Designed for applications with enlarged lifter bores (.875″), these Elite Race™ Solid Roller Lifters from COMP Cams® are designed to withstand the most demanding high performance and racing conditions. They have an SAE 8620 alloy steel body that is CNC-machined and REM-finished, SAE 9310 steel alloy wheels that are precision-ground and needles made from 52100 bearing steel and micro-sorted with a controlled contour profile for optimum load distribution. The most critical element of this unique lifter design is the fact that the oversized (.400″) axles are dual-pinned, leaving a small gap in between for oiling. Pressure-fed oil now has the ability to flow through the center and top of the axle – directly to the needles. Their revolutionary modular design also includes a pushrod insert that can be changed for centered, left or right offsets. Designed specifically for race and high RPM applications, Elite Race™ Lifters utilize captured link bars to offer maximum control and durability. The revolutionary design also eliminates the oil band, thereby maximizing strength and limiting lifter bushing wear. Both lightweight and strong, Elite Race™ Solid Roller Lifters fit both standard and .300″ tall blocks.


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