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Fuelab 565 Series Fuel Pressure Regulator


Model Number: 56504-1
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Fuelab 565 Series Fuel Pressure Regulators share the same great features as the 515/525 Series yet offer extreme capacity thanks to a massive 1/2″ return orifice and -10AN ports. With a bypass capability of more than 5 gpm at 5 psi, this billet aluminum regulator can handle blow-through carbureted applications well over 1800 HP and even higher EFI applications that use belt-driven fuel pumps with a flattened regulation slope.


* 1.75″ diaphragm with 1/2″ return orifice

*Two -10AN inlet ports and one -10AN return port

*Compatible with gasoline, diesel, methanol, and ethanol

*Four different pressure ranges from 4 to 80 psi

*Billet aluminum anodized black (MIL-A-8625 Type II)

*Fine thread pitch for precise pressure adjustment

*Versatile mounting bracket and stainless steel hardware

*1/8″ NPT gauge port with plug for external pressure gauge

*1/8″ NPT pressure reference port with barbed fitting


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