Fast Toys Bullet Camera Deluxe Mount


Model Number: FTCAMMOUNT
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Looking for the perfect bullet camera mount? Look no further! This high quality suction cup bullet camera mount provides a strong and versatile method to mount a bullet camera to your vehicle. Now you can capture all the action at your next autocross, road race or drag racing event. You can even use to capture unique video for commercials or as a drivers aid to improve your skills!

Constructed of strong, lightweight aluminum, this product features a deluxe bullet camera mount with a standard 1/4″ threaded mounting hole. The mount can be adjusted in a number of different ways and includes two quickchange 2″ extensions to position your camera for the best angle posible. The camera mount uses industrial strength suction cups which can be secured to any smooth, clean, flat surface such as a body panel, windshield, side glass, sunroof ect. The mount is extremely strong and has been tested under race conditions and at high speeds. The mount also comes with a 5 foot safety tether which is a requirement of most sanctioning bodies when using a recording device on a vehicle.

All Fast Toys bullet camera mounts provide flexible mounting solutions that are interchangeable with our other accessories. Now you don’t have to buy a completely new mount to use our other innovative mounting solutions with your bullet camera. The unique suction cup installation requires no drilling to your vehicle and can removed or transfered to another vehicle in seconds!


Bullet camera mount is 6″ x 6″

Antivibration suction cups to stabilize picture

Aluminum plate is wrapped in vinyl trim to prevent scratching

Designed to be used with bullet cameras weighing 1 lb or less

Bullet camera not included. See our catalog for bullet camera packages


Q1: How strong is the bullet camera mount?

A1: The bullet camera mount has been tested to hold 40 lbs of weight vertically for 24 hours. However, for the widest safety margin possible, we recommend this mount only be used with bullet cameras weighing 1 lb or less. This will provide the most secure and stable picture.

Q2: Does the mounting surface have to be perfectly flat?

A2: No. The camera mount is designed to fit the contours or most automotive body panels and glass.

Sample Videos

A few sample videos recorded using this mount and our 480 line resolution bullet camera are provided below. The quality has been reduced from the original recording to facilitate viewing on the internet.

Click here for sample video 1

Click here for sample video 2

Weight 1 oz


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