FAST High Impedance 60 lb/hr Injectors


Model Number: 306008

The Best Injectors on the Market. Period.

FAST Precision-Flow™ fuel injectors deliver the super-efficient fuel delivery that high horsepower EFI engines demand. Engineered to yield faster throttle response and superior fuel atomization, FAST™ injectors are manufactured to the tightest tolerances in the industry and are flow certified to ensure consistent performance.

High vs Low Impedance Injectors

As a general rule, you will need to run high-impedance injectors whenever you retain your factory Engine Control Unit (ECU). Failure to use high-impedance injectors with a factory EFI computer will cause severe damage to it. FAST™ offers high-impedance injectors up to 60 lb/hr, so we’ve got you covered for nearly any performance scenario where you would still want to use your factory computer. For an aftermarket ECU, like the FAST™ XFI™ system, low-impedance injectors, available up to 160 lb/hr, are the way to go.

NOTE: fuel injectors in and of themselves do nothing to produce power, so don’t choose a larger injector because of the peak HP rating of the injector –too large of an injector will only waste fuel and hurt your throttle response.

Includes a set of (8).

Injector Size N/A Peak HP Supercharged Peak HP Turbo Peak HP
24 lb/hr 346 288 276
36 lb/hr 518 432 415
42 lb/hr 605 504 484
60 lb/hr 864 720 691

These injectors will only work with LT1 fuel rails if you either A) modify the injector where the injector-to-rail retainer clip slides in place or B) eliminate the clip all together.

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