Brand X LTX EFI Single Nozzle System


Model Number: 22-81000
Brand X Nitrous

Brand X, Big power and small cost all backed by the best tuning and install help available. Brand X will help you and your LT1 get your quick fix of speed via a Nitrous Outlet 1/16th nozzle. The system can handle a tire melting 200hp as the system comes. The system comes as all Brand X systems do, with a American made .078 nitrous solenoid. While it does not provide the huge flow capability of our larger Nitrous Outlet .125 solenoids, it is a very reliable and can still provide ample flow for most stock motor applications. It will contain all needed components to spray the vehicle. For additional performance and safety, look over the Brand X accessory packages for the best pairing of items for your system.

  • Brand X LT1 EFI Single Nozzle System (45psi) (10lb Bottle)
  • The Brand X LT1 single nozzle system is designed to work with any LT1 based application.
  • 50-100-150Hp Jetting
  • Can be upgraded to handle up to 200Hp
  • System includes 10lb bottle, 200 Hp ( Limited Lifetime Warranty ) solenoids, 200 Hp 1/16 nitrous nozzle, 16ft 4an main feed line, Stainless steel quick release bottle brackets, universal solenoid brackets, bottle nut, 4 an bottle nipple, 40/60 amp relay with harness, wot switch, all hardware and electrical.


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