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Auto Trix 3rd Brake Light Flasher


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Auto Trix

The Autotrix 3rd Brake Light Flasher can grab the attention of distracted drivers that are following behind you everyday to help avoid careless car accidents. When installed, the 3rd brake light flasher module will pulse your 3rd brake light bulb 2 twice before holding solid giving a sudden yet sutle way of alerting drivers behind that you are coming to a stop. Help keep your rear out of the shop with the Autotrix 3rd Brake Light Flasher.

This Brake Light Flasher will work on incandescent and LED lights and the module is water and shock resistant. Temperature, moisture and vibration will never effect the circuitry of our brake light module. This kit comes with everything needed to install on most cars, vans, trucks, motorcycles, ATV’s, or anything with a two wire 12 volt 3rd brake light fixture in under 30 minutes.

Autotrix designs and manufactures all of our 3rd Brake Light Flashers here in the United States of America. We also test each of these modules before final packaging to ensure a quality product upon arrival.


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