99-02 Racetronix LS1 F-Body Harness Only (New Version)


Model Number: FPWK-017A

This kit has all the parts required to upgrade the factory wiring on GM factory vehicles equipped with the older-style 4-position 150-series fuel module connector to the new-style GT-series connector system. The older-style 150-series connectors are known to fail over time so GM/Delphi has switched all new-production modules to incorporate the GT-series connector system which has twice the current capacity. This fuel pump wiring kit is a must when upgrading to new high-performance pumps which draw 2-3 times more power than a factory pump.

This fuel pump wiring kit contains the following items:

•Racetronix Fuel Pump Upgrade Harness FPWH-017 – Provides a heavy-duty power source for high-performance pumps (up to 30 amps). This harness adapts the older 150-series connector to the new 280-series connector without the need for external adapters or splicing.

•Fuel Module Electrical Bulkhead Connector Kit RCS-028 – Direct-fit 30-Amp rated connector replaces factory 14-amp unit.

•In-tank Teflon wiring harness ITWH-022 – Direct hookup between Delphi connector and Aeromotive* and other aftermarket pumps. (Positive terminal on right when pump’s outlet is held at 12 o’clock.)

* The in-tank harness included with this kit is set up to work with first-generation Aeromotive Stealth pumps which have a white inlet on the bottom only. New-production Aeromotive Stealth pumps which have a red inlet require our FPWK-017W kit.



An optional battery to body ground upgrade kit is available (P/N BGK8). This kit upgrades the under-rated factory ground wire running from the battery to the chassis. It includes an 8 gauge copper wire fitted with terminals and battery nuts with accessory taps. We highly recommend this inexpensive option because this is a weak point in these cars.


The Racetronix harness comes equipped with an interface connector just after the relay. This connector in combination with an optionally supplied connector set (P/N PBIC) allows for easy plug and play addition of a pump booster / voltage amplifier such as the MSD or KB units. These voltage amplifiers / boosters will allow the Racetronix single in-tank pump system to support up to 700RWHP when run at 16-17 volts. This configuration offloads the excessive current draw placed on the factory wiring onto the heavy gauge Racetronix harness system. System diagnosis becomes easier by simply being able to unplug, isolate and bypass sections of the wiring system.


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