98-02 LS1/V6 Camaro/Firebird K&N Air Filter


Model Number: 332118
K&N Filters

Made by K&N, this features airflow and filtering properties that are superior to that of the stock paper unit. Works on all 98-02 LS1 and V6 engines.

K&N P/N: 33-2118

Weight 1 oz

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    Duray Jones

    ok, Im going to be 100% real here. the K&N filter is a nice product BUT…. IMO a paper filter is better. I had the K&N filter on my 99 Trans Am, but it didnt seem to “filter” as much as I thought it should, due to its high flow design. So I went out and bought a paper filter. I seen NO lost or gain in performance by switching filters but the paper one filters alot better and traps alot more dirt prolonging the life of my engine. The K&N filter itself is not a bad product, good quality, looks great, and K&N is a trusted name, but as far as filtering and traping dirt, a paper filter is better.

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